Coaching Program Options For You

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$45 a week 


Monthly ($180 a month)

  • NO contract

  • Full access to: Strength & Conditioning, Just Move Evolution Cardio, & *Open Gym (business hours)

$38.75 a week

Most Popular 

Most Popular ($155 a month)

  • 6 month contract

  • Full access to: Strength & Conditioning, Just Move Evolution Cardio, & *Open Gym (business hours)


Start Here 

Enjoy your start by having the option to try our facility for 3 days

Day 1, 2 & Day 3 is FREE

  • Strength & Condition class

  • Just Move Evolution class

  • Business hours Open gym 

Still have questions about our memberships? Call us today.

*Discounted Rates Available:

First responders, Military, Medical & Teachers 


Busy Schedule 

Get the most out of your experience.

Busy schedule?

Workout and enjoy our facility & programming on your time.

Our lobby is typically open 15 hours a day but if your schedule doesn't line up with ours, 24/7 access is perfect for late night, holiday or weekend workouts. 

It can be added as an option to a current membership:

*Monthly add-on is $10 to any monthly Coaching Program 


24/7 open gym is stand alone membership:

*$75 24/7 Open Gym membership


On The GO! Programs 

They are YOUR Goals, so why should we limit you!


24/7 Open Gym

24/7 access to our facility and

2 programs (Strength & Conditioning, Just Move Evolution Cardio)

  • Monthly 


Punch Card

Perfect for the person on the GO!

  • 7 visits (Strength & Conditioning, Just Move Evolution Cardio or *Open Gym -(business hours) 

  • Valid for 1 month of purchase date

30 minute sessions

Pick your plan

  • 5 sessions $50 each ($250)

  • 7 sessions $45 each ($315)

  • 9 sessions $40 each ($360)

  • *Per YOUR Schedule 


Just The App

Have our programming in the palm of your hands. Enjoy and advance your fitness journey with programming that can be done ANYWHERE!

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Just Move Evolution Cardio 

  • *Monthly


Fine tune YOUR journey

Personal Coaching 

1-1 one hour sessions

Make it ALL about YOU!

5 - 1hr sessions ($350)

  • Valid for 1 month

10 - 1hr sessions + 1 month of nutrition coaching ($700)

  • Valid for 2 months 

*Free consultation 

*Movement assessment 

*Specific goal orientated 

*Programming per YOUR schedule 

Nutrition Coaching 

The Easy Hard Part

We go in dept into your life style and who you are and want to become. Data is our key to success. No magic food, pill, shake, wrap or template.  NO two people should have the same nutrition. Our nutrition coaching can be remote as well. 

  • Only 5 clients per cycle at once 

  • $150 monthly

*Free consultation 

*Nutrition assessment 

*Specific goal orientated 

*Nutrition programming per life style 

*Body measurements

Individualized Programming 

Evolve your Fitness

This is where data WILL improve your fitness. We start off with a consultation then move on to testing per your goals. If your wanting to improve as an athlete in your sport of choice, evolve your fitness or can be programmed per job related as well. 

This is all Programming driven off data from your performance testing. 

Cost efficient personal training. 


  • Only 5 clients per cycle at once

  • $150 monthly

*Free consultation 

*Movement assessment 

*Specific goal orientated 

*Programming per YOUR schedule 

*Programming can be done at any location

Are you a current Member?

24/7 gym access

Add on to your current Coaching monthly Program for $10 a month monthly.


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